Your business may now be required to undergo inspections and you must get an independent accountant to examine your books, but you might feel you need a trusted adviser. MPtCFO: will be your always-there sounding board for the financial affairs of your company and for you personally, somebody who knows you and your business. In the past the accountant who checked your books was your trusted adviser, but due to new legislation over the years this is no longer possible. The independent accountant is no longer allowed to advise you.

MPtC saw this development coming midway through the previous decade and responded by successfully developing a pre-audit concept as part of our MPtCheck-up services. As your trusted adviser, we offer you all the services you used to take from your accountant, with the exception of the legally required audit of your financial statements. In consultation with you we will select a certificated AFM office. Each year the auditing accounting will receive the financial statements (including consolidated financial statements) drawn up by us together with the annual dossier plus all itemisations and reconciliations. This is a transparent and efficient process thanks to our MPtCloud platform.

This method of working is typically more in line with the wishes of the entrepreneur, because we can completely fulfil the role of trusted adviser without any unnecessary bureaucratic hassle and we can generally reduce costs.

By means of our MPtCheck-up procedures, you will be in good shape for the annual auditing of your financial statements, for a due diligence study if you wish to sell your company, or for an announced inspection of the books by the Tax and Customs Administration.