The information sent with this e-mail is intended solely for the addressee(s) and may contain private or confidential information protected by professional confidentiality. The use of this information by a person other than the addressee(s) and its use by those who are not entitled to examine this information is prohibited. If you are not the addressee or not entitled to examine it, the publication, reproduction, distribution and/or provision of this information to third parties is not allowed and you are requested to inform the sender of this message about this and to destroy the original and any attachments. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, this message and any justifications in any attachments have not been audited by MPtC Audit & Advisory B.V. Separate general conditions apply to the services of MPtC Audit & Advisory B.V. and MPtC Tax & Advisory B.V., which include a limitation of liability. The general conditions of MPtC Audit & Advisory B.V. and MPtC Tax & Advisory B.V. have both been registered with the Chamber of Commerce and are also available online via our website.

‘MPtC – one step ahead in finance’ is a combined trade name and logo registered with the European Trademark Office for MPtC Holding B.V. (Chamber of Commerce 24456926) and is used by MPtC Audit & Advisory B.V (Chamber of Commerce 24456960), MPtC Tax & Advisory B.V. (Chamber of Commerce 24456968) and MPtC B.V. (Chamber of Commerce 24296461).

MPtC Holding B.V. and MPtC B.V. do not provide any services to customers. MPtC Holding B.V. and MPtC B.V. are not responsible or liable for any actions and/or omissions in the services provided by MPtC Audit & Advisory B.V. and MPtC Tax & Advisory B.V..
MPtC Audit & Advisory B.V. and MPtC Tax & Advisory B.V. are entirely independent from one another in their professional judgement and are not authorised to enter into (professional) obligations on behalf of the other.

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